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In this dramedy, a rambunctious group comes together in heaven from very diverse backgrounds. At Love's Gate, their ultimate purpose is to connect people on Earth with their elusive soulmate. Surely Red, a cowboy from the 1800's and Carol from the 1940's can work past their own short comings to expose a love match. But will the 1980's swagger of Preston and the lovely, soft-spoken Aiko from 1600's Japan, be able to connect the love dots? The ultimate supreme being, known as OG, is the captain of the ship that keeps them all afloat. That is until the quirky demon, Haden, turns things upside down. Fortunately, The Kid, from the time of Shakespeare, has just arrived to make sense of it all. As we look into the lives of the couples they are feverishly trying to create a love match for, we get a glimpse into how they work their magic.

Concluding, finding love is not by chance

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